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Duke    Posted 27th Apr 2006 2:46am
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I've just found this video.

56k warning, it took me about an hour to download.

It contains some rather questionable material. Mostly suggested, not shown though.
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CommanderViper   Posted 27th Apr 2006 3:19am
L4Y Member
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That video is included on MGS3: Subsistance, CD 2: Persistance. It was made by Konami for a collection of spoof videos in the "Secret Theater". Still quite funny though.
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Molodiets   Posted 27th Apr 2006 5:09am
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we certainly should create a thread for all videos from youtube

Imagine Skiprat in the army
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SkipRat    Posted 27th Apr 2006 12:31pm
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heh woo im getting mentioned without posting in threads Sign up at systemblink molo we have a entire section for videos on the forums

I remember seeing that LSD video before too. Quite a good idea... i mean if all the enemy troops were high on some mind CENSORED drug like LSD they wouldnt stand a chance.

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