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Jdanswer12   Posted 26th Apr 2006 1:39pm
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Ok this seems kinda wierd. I'll explain it as best i can. Yesterday i orderd UT2k4 because mine didnt work, but. Mine didnt work because i downloaded it, and i am ashamed of using a cd key that wasnt mine but i orderd it yesterday and it should be here friday or thursday, i got the editors edition, i am thinkin this means its easier to make mods? Such as weapons and junk? Well my main question was, is there some sort of tutorial on how to import 3dmax guns and models n stuff to ut2k4? or if someone knows if it comes with something like that, that tells you how to import stuff?
Thanks in advance
Duke    Posted 26th Apr 2006 11:19pm
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The ECE (Editors Choice Edition) is mainly just UT2004 with 3 new vehicles and some more maps. It also includes smaller versions of the following mods:

ChaosUT2 (If you've already downloaded it, don't bother installing this one)
Alien Swarm
Air Buccaneers
Red Orchestra

I also believe there's a soccer game in there too, but that one is 'hidden' in the game directory. No auto shortcut for it on your desktop.
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Equinox   Posted 27th Apr 2006 11:05am
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From what I know there is also a second dvd with UED tutorials on it, although that was more than a year ago when my mate got it. Don't forget to patch the included mods to their latest versions.
Jdanswer12   Posted 27th Apr 2006 1:16pm
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ah sweet! thanks guys i should be getting it today or tomarrow!
Molodiets   Posted 27th Apr 2006 2:15pm
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Here are some tutorials and sites dedicated to UT2004 modding. Not sure it's as simple as simply exporting 3dsmax gun. I think it actually works better with maya. Those tutorials are more about scripting (RF's table edit)

You might ask RedFrog. He's knowledgeable about modeling for UT2004.
SkipRat    Posted 27th Apr 2006 2:20pm
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Dont forget the official site that has some usefull stuff on too.

Epic Games has made Unreal® Tournament 2004 bigger and badder than ever, adding more of what made it one of the year’s most acclaimed action games. UT 2004 won universal praise with more than twice the content of its predecessor, including Onslaught Mode and an army of fearsome battle vehicles. Now, in addition to the original game and a bonus DVD with hours of Unreal Editor tutorials, the Editors’ Choice Edition gives first-person-shooter fans even more: new maps, vehicles and characters, ten modules created by Unreal players and footage from the NVIDIA Make Something Unreal Contest. For the definitive gladiator sport of the future, it’s the most powerful edition ever created.
Molodiets   Posted 27th Apr 2006 2:37pm
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don't mix up 2 things.

The ECE is a recent edition. It's the updated and patched game with the few mods Duke described.

Originaly in 2004 you could buy the DVD for UT2004 and for an additional fee, you could order a second DVD with tutorial and, i think, a headphone.

Those two products are different. What did you order?
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Equinox   Posted 27th Apr 2006 11:53pm
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If I am mistaken I apologise. Although i'm sure there was a second dvd with it. :S
Molodiets   Posted 28th Apr 2006 12:06am
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Quoting Equinox
If I am mistaken I apologise. Although i'm sure there was a second dvd with it. :S

No, you're right but you have to pay for the 2 dvd pack and it's, of course, more expensive than just buying the game.

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