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Equinox   Posted 24th Apr 2006 5:28pm
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I have come back (as this is the only forum on the net that I know I could possibly get an answer in) to ask a question about Ubuntu Linux. I've installed Ubuntu 5.10 from the official cd on a fresh 19 gig partition with a 1 gig swap drive. I need to install gcc so that I can compile WINE in order to emulate various software that I would still like to use but Windows is unable to support. gcc doesn't seem to be installed when I install Ubuntu so I downloaded (or thought I did) all the files that are needed to install it through Synaptic but when I come to the Add Application menu it is not in there. I am probably going about this the wrong way being a complete Linux n00b and I would really, really like some help on it.

Need help installing gcc on Ubuntu 5.10 in order to compile WINE.

The site seems to have grown a lot since my last visit (it took me several minutes to remember my password) and its nice to see new sections (particually BFMEII). There are so many new users as well, so I guess hardly anyone will remember me. LOL

Garner    Posted 24th Apr 2006 5:37pm
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Should help... as long as you're comfortable with the command line in general... make etc
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Equinox   Posted 24th Apr 2006 5:39pm
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I probably should have been more specific about how much of a n00b I am.
I know very little about the command line, I can change directories and thats about it.

EDIT: I can also enter other commands (as in a supposed tutorial to install gcc) but if it doesn't work I have no idea why, I don't know that much about Linux commands and file structures.
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SkipRat    Posted 24th Apr 2006 5:55pm
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Theres forums on the Ubuntu website.... those are normaly good.
nightstrike   Posted 24th Apr 2006 6:56pm
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You usually have to run a something like that through something else for it too work...but when you go to the forums on that site,it might help
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Equinox   Posted 25th Apr 2006 10:17am
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I'm trying the Unbuntu formums now but i'm not having much luck.

EDIT: Cheers for the help, i've switched to Suse 10.0 which is working out far better for me.
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