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ViShNu   Posted 22nd Apr 2006 6:21am
L4Y Member
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So, i felt like posting because i am starting the second half of my freshman proect...and i have gotten really depressed , but that's not what this topic is'a about steering away from that...

Which is why I am talking about MUSIC! I recently purchased Ramms+ein's recent album "Rosenrot." I LOVE IT!-Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog

It has been one of the onl things that has saved me from complete insantiy. It and Muse, and Slipknot, and Elbow, and Sound Garden...and so on, so forth...

But that is the reason for the title, cuz the music actually helps us concentrate.
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LordSeafood   Posted 22nd Apr 2006 8:48am
L4Y Member
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I need to get Rosenrot

be ages before i see it in a shop though *goes to ebay*

[edit]I managed to come across a copy and i like it but much rather like the album beforehand "Reise, Reise"[/edit]
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