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Garner    Posted 20th Apr 2006 10:14pm
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The best way to not get infected is dont install crap. You dont need to use any of those programs if you actually know what you're doing because you wont get infected in the first place...

This includes never using Internet Explorer. It seems like every other month theres another exploit that only requires you to visit a malformed page and BAM! your PC has bent over backwards and let something you dont want in...

I had a great quote ICQ'd to me a few days ago... something like...


We were always told that if you gave a million monkeys a million keyboards they would create the complete works of Shakespear. Now, thanks to the internet we know this to not be true.

This quote helps to explain why people still use IE.

See it all the time, someone installs something because it looked cool for one reason or another... and turns out it just malwares up their PC.

"but all I downloaded was a new cursor!"

and all the rest of it just happened to appear... right?

lol, I love it
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The_Doc   Posted 21st Apr 2006 3:40pm
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Quoting Jdanswer12
YES I LOVE YOU!! I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU! thank you so much Doc, and assman both of you have made the stupid virus go away, i also figured out, DO NOT GO TO TURBO SQUID . COM!! and the virus was a fake trojan alert. Thank you everyone!


No problem, the program is only a trial for 14 days but it is cheap, so if you can buy the program. Since installing it, my PC has never had a virus/spy-ware/malware or anything. Very good program
goober   Posted 21st Apr 2006 3:54pm
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You know, ive never used Opera before, but i got the new 9.0 Beta last night, its soo cool! select text, press v, it reads it to you!
also, you can hold right mouse amnd drag your mouse left and right, you go back and forward, drag down and you open a new tab
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cyrus5   Posted 24th Apr 2006 4:59pm
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Gestures are the best thing since sliced bread!! I love them, it pisses me off when I finish using firefox or opera and try to do gestures in explorer, only to realise that I'm a muppet and microsoft are CENSORED e.
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SkipRat    Posted 24th Apr 2006 6:06pm
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haha they just confuse me. But i only played around for like 10 seconds with them. Maybe ill have a look another time. I find opera is about the same as firefox. but im just well used to FF.
KaneOfDoom   Posted 24th Apr 2006 6:30pm
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wat was the virus called?

*the last time i had a virus it was spyware and if im connected 2 the internet CENSORED millions of pop-ups come and when i scanned the pc i had 20 WILD TROJANS* *WARNING NEVER DOWNLOAD ANY SERIAL CENSORED FROM SERIAL SITES GAVE ME TROJAN Including KEYGENS from sites*
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SkipRat    Posted 24th Apr 2006 6:36pm
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Heh if u know the right sites to go to its fine
Ugly Donkey   Posted 24th Apr 2006 7:46pm
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if ur stupid enough to use the downloads right away with otu even doing a virus scan of the file.. then u deserve to get the keygens and trojans..

but ya if u know the good sites u wont have that problem
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goober   Posted 24th Apr 2006 9:15pm
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Well, you can downlaod what you want... Scan EVERYTHING before you open it, even if its from a site you trust... its just common sence...
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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NoClanFrank    Posted 26th Apr 2006 5:58am
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Jdanswer12 may I also recommend that you uninstall Microsoft Messenger 4.7, which comes automatically with WindowsXP. It's not a required program and it is responsible for you getting a lot of the pop up ads.
Another program that I might recommend to you to use is this one:

XP-Antispy 3.95-2

With that you can do what I just mentioned above and prevent a lot of other security risks.

Ready for another one?

SpywareBlaster 3.5.1

^ Will block out a lot of the web sites out there that can be dangerous to your PCs health. Be warn, it also blocks some porn sites. Don't ask me how I know.

OK one more before I reboot:

SpyBot-Search & Destroy 1.4

Not only will that one help you find spy ware but it will also block bad sites as well.

Well I have to reboot now. The new mouse software is asking to do it, so I have to.
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