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walter93   Posted 18th Apr 2006 11:11pm
L4Y Member
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alright i've just released my first mod entitled national anthem which isn't too great, but I'd like this thread reserved for getting some feedback. The download link to the mod is here:
walter93   Posted 20th Apr 2006 12:16am
L4Y Member
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good to know, i'd like to get some feedback
walter93   Posted 21st Apr 2006 8:14pm
L4Y Member
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lol, i dont think u can compare my mod to mp chronicles. my mapping is cr@p compared to corwins. but thx. my next mod will hopefully have new features along with maps, and i do agree wit u that more tweak mods shud include new maps.
walter93   Posted 21st Apr 2006 8:41pm
L4Y Member
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okay well u dont do modeling in maxed, so the textures u use are for mapping in maxEd, but u can use any texture i believe as long as its bmp (or i think so at least).

so u wud be using orc skins on the map (which wudnt make any sense)
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JimmyCognitti   Posted 23rd Apr 2006 10:51pm
L4Y Member
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Well, I think NA is a pretty good mod, good job Walt!

BTW, Walt now that you have proven your abilities as a modder; have you thought about porting those "Ultimate Doom" maps from MP1 to MP2 as DMW maps??

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walter93   Posted 24th Apr 2006 11:01pm
L4Y Member
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okay well i'll give it a shot but i havent got a clue how to. is the only way i can do it by remaking them?
JimmyCognitti   Posted 25th Apr 2006 3:27am
L4Y Member
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Porting those maps from MP1 to MP2 gotta be easier than building them from scratch.
Just look at the "Subway_A DMW" (which is included in CtT-Lobby Edition), it's a clear example of this since it was originally built in MP1.
I'm not really good at mapping (actually, I suck ) but I think it's a matter of adding new scripts, AI, lighting, (among other things).

I think ppl who are also good at mapping could give some advice about how to port those Doom maps to MP2 as DMW maps

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walter93   Posted 25th Apr 2006 9:08pm
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yah but i think the subway level was released by remedy as a .lvl file. i dont think u can do it for other maps.
JimmyCognitti   Posted 25th Apr 2006 9:25pm
L4Y Member
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There's another map that was ported from MP1 to MP2 as DMW: "Lupino Showdown DMW", it's actually the final level of the first episode in MP1 "An Empire of Evil":
Check it out

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