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HitPerson   Posted 18th Apr 2006 7:49pm
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Oh, boy:

Does anyone else agree that this is about as dumb as televised poker or arm-wrestling (thanks for those ESPN)? I think the idea of "professional [insert verb]" is getting out of hand.

Whats next, Professional Genital Flogging?
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sobe    Posted 18th Apr 2006 9:32pm
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watching video gaming as a new kind of extreme sport.

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smotty   Posted 18th Apr 2006 10:18pm
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Major League that is one job I would love to do
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 18th Apr 2006 10:38pm
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... id rather play then watch.. but wat ever floats their boat
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General_187   Posted 19th Apr 2006 3:57am
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Quoting Night Stalker
thats pretty funny I wonder who would watch it?

I doubt that many true gamers would watch it! After all... True gamers don't have time to watch T.V.!
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redfac18   Posted 19th Apr 2006 4:59am
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Quoting General_187
Quoting Night Stalker
thats pretty funny I wonder who would watch it?

I doubt that many true gamers would watch it! After all... True gamers don't have time to watch T.V.!
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Mono   Posted 19th Apr 2006 6:48am
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Quoting HitPerson
as dumb as televised poker

Poker is a far more skilled sport than most. You're right in a way, in that it is televised badly - ie, it tends to show only the exciting bits and not most of the play, but the coverage of the final tables for the WSOP etc is quite good.

Not that I get ESPN, but we do get the occasional rebroadcast.

I happen to think coverage of any game where people stop every twenty seconds for a chat to be dumb, but American Football seems to have taken off despite that.
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SkipRat    Posted 19th Apr 2006 12:15pm
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yeah american football is so boring. start stop start stop start stop.


our version of it (rugby) is so much better.

Some kid on xbox live did actually say it like that over the headset too, he actually shouted out "yeah i pawned you" i was like hmm u CENSORED .
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vibes   Posted 19th Apr 2006 8:00pm
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I don't personally think it will change many peoples views of gaming if it does become telvised...
I used to watch games master etc etc and loved watching the playoffs>tho I must admit I prefered watching the news section of such programs to see what was gonna be relesed. But my wife who does not play video games would not watch my verdict is if ya don't like gaming now then why are ya gonna watch it on TV.

Mind you I like sex too but my wife won't let me watch that on tv my verdict is if ya wife don't like sex now then watch it on TV    
SkipRat    Posted 19th Apr 2006 8:26pm
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yeah my girlfriend also REALLY HATES anything to do with computer games on the tv.
Johnny_Suave   Posted 19th Apr 2006 8:52pm
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