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 Foe   Posted 15th Apr 2006 11:21pm
The one and only!
L4Y Member
Post 810 / 837

This is the mouse application that counts mouse clicks. I used to have it, but not anymore. L4Y is the only place I ever remember seeing it posted. If you have it, please PM me here if I could get a copy from you. I would really appreciate it very much.
Ugly Donkey   Posted 16th Apr 2006 1:12am
L4Y Member
Post 583 / 843 check there.. might have what ur looking for

its a long list of programs for input devises
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Tech_N9ne   Posted 16th Apr 2006 1:57am
L4Y Member
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Turns out, you can write that program in 3 lines of code, took bout 5 minutes...doesnt contain a timer, but counts click...enjoy

Click It


Ok, Im confused, the .exe worked on the remote machine where I created it, but not on my PC. "Failed to initialize" error, perhaps its missing assembly info..i dunno..i tried


Found the root of the problem, leave to Microsoft to patch yet another Stupid MS Fix for 'broken program' weak!
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T-M-I-N-E   Posted 16th Apr 2006 3:28am
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Post 179 / 194

Second file from bottom.
 Foe   Posted 16th Apr 2006 1:07pm
The one and only!
L4Y Member
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Thank you very much TMINE. I knew someone here would know where to find it.

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