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KillaFreak-zd-   Posted 15th Apr 2006 9:53pm
L4Y Member
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Hey, for those of you who like Apple computers and Mac OS X but enjoy the compatability on a Windows machine, read this. I've been reading Apple's site and found out that they are now putting in a boot loader that will let you boot OS X or Windows XP on an intel based Mac. You can run Windows the same exact way it runs on a regular Intel or AMD...ect. And yes, it's still subject to viruses and spyware even on an Apple computer. Eventually, Apple will have Windows and Mac OS X running side by side so you can launch Windows apps inside of Mac OS X, and vise versa. They hope to have this done by the release of Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard).

That just flat out pwnes.

More info about the boot loader named "boot camp" can be found here...
LordSeafood   Posted 16th Apr 2006 12:18am
L4Y Member
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Errrr, doesnt this kind of go against what mac users stand for (not all of them) or have i been influenced by a great stereotyping?
P.S. Still Alive.    
KillaFreak-zd-   Posted 16th Apr 2006 2:30am
L4Y Member
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In some ways yes, but once they are running next to each other, I can't really say it goes against much. I just hate Windows because of all the damn viruses and the countless blue screans...

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