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trix   Posted 12th Apr 2006 5:59pm
L4Y Member
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What would you say if I took the latest and great Close to Truth-Lobby Edition, changed Paynes skin with a little more descent one, INCLUDING A COAT!!!! Instead the the red tie(WHY THE RED TIE MAN?!)
It looks a littlemore like Neo now. Which means black long coat, sunglasses, new face.

Well I have done that, all I had to do is to change some files and shizzle, skinning etc. It took me less than an hour. And I'm a total newb!

I won't release it yet though, gotta get some blessings first.
I'll show some of it in my new movie "The PatriX Remake", soooo much better than the first one("the Patrix"), YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!

I just might give a trailer to the mod or the movie.

I know you want it, we are all searching for that ultimate matrix mod, but for some reason it's not here. I just want to take you a little closer.
Elements Of Style Fan    
walter93   Posted 12th Apr 2006 10:12pm
L4Y Member
Post 216 / 507

the agents is going to be the ultimate matrix mod. all of the other ones will merely be filler
jami3   Posted 13th Apr 2006 11:49am
L4Y Member
Post 77 / 216

If it ever gets released that it
trix   Posted 13th Apr 2006 1:38pm
L4Y Member
Post 16 / 183

Yeah that Agents TC looked like it was gonna be AWESOME!
But we need updates! Or just make sure they're still alive!

If they quit they should let someone continue their job, if they havent erased the whole thing.
Elements Of Style Fan    
kylevs88   Posted 13th Apr 2006 4:06pm
L4Y Member
Post 29 / 141

It's not dead they were just waiting for a few people to finish mods they were working on.
Aztec   Posted 13th Apr 2006 5:18pm
L4Y Member
Post 70 / 137

Quoting kylevs88
It's not dead they were just waiting for a few people to finish mods they were working on.

Its certainly not dead, far far from it

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