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FuryThor   Posted 5th Apr 2006 10:18pm
L4Y Member
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It has been a while since I last time advertised(read spammed) about my site, but here we go again.

After delays and other unforseen events I finaly managed to get site to point that I can start to add some serious stuff there.

At this point I will be adding following sections.

-Shock-FX mod project
-Red Faction corner
-Diablo 2 Apocalypse realm based section
-Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas section

On coming sections include

- Tribute section for legacy of LGS
- Arx Fatalis section.

Also I am looking forward to get some help to get site running smoothly, so there is few assaingments available too.
IF you would like to contribute content PM here, and I provide more details.
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SkipRat    Posted 8th Apr 2006 5:21pm
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Hey, just noticed this, i diddnt even know you had a site

I dont mind trading banners or something with you. im setting up a page for links to my friends sites an everything.

I get quite a few hits so it should bring some visitors your way!!

" Access Statistics

We received 49180 page views since March 7th 2006
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 8th Apr 2006 7:23pm
L4Y Member
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wow.....49180 is A LOT!!!!!!

All those page views in 1 month....
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LordSeafood   Posted 9th Apr 2006 2:10am
L4Y Member
Post 1024 / 1792

Nah, he just sits there and refreshs the page alot ... noone really goes there
P.S. Still Alive.    
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 9th Apr 2006 2:13am
L4Y Member
Post 458 / 1251

I go to that site.......but not a lot
60% of the time, it works every time - Brian Fantana    
SkipRat    Posted 9th Apr 2006 11:04pm
Post 1434 / 3024
Quoting LordSeafood
Nah, he just sits there and refreshs the page alot ... noone really goes there

Heh my own visits to the site dont go towards it as ive blocked my IP from counting...
I dont go on it nearly as much as i should anyway

stop hijacking hes thread!!!
DVL_IAC   Posted 10th Apr 2006 3:21am
L4Y Member
Post 757 / 1417

Quoting SkipRat

" Access Statistics

We received 49180 page views since March 7th 2006

When you say page views does that mean evey time someone goes to a new page or back to a page it counts as a hit? Or does it count how many people have been to the site? If it just counts how many people been to the site then I think there might be something wrong with your counter. Thats about 1537 hits a day, which is about 64 hits an hour. That seams a little high. But if it adds one everytime someone goes to a new page then I guess thats reasonable because if everyone that went there went to about 20 pages or played 20 games or something thats about 3 hits an hour which i guess seams reasonable..
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SkipRat    Posted 10th Apr 2006 8:47am
Post 1436 / 3024
Grrr im doing everything i hate here by replying again. continueing to be off topic


But yeah it isnt unique hits... its page views.

I can find out what my total unique views are... but i just got in from work and i need to go to sleep

Annoying thing is most of my users are using IE!!

We received 50697 page views since March 7th 2006
Today is: 10/04/2006

Busiest Month: March 2006 (38586 Hits)
Busiest Day: 16 March 2006 (5529 Hits)
Busiest Hour: 18:00 - 18:59 on March 11, 2006 (1841 Hits)
FuryThor   Posted 10th Apr 2006 9:28am
L4Y Member
Post 376 / 831

yeah well, unique visits mark most, since they speak quite much how many different visitors your site has.

At moment I am trying to get css style definition done, as I got site engine working. Also I am looking for someone to desing site logo, since I am not best with graphics
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SkipRat    Posted 10th Apr 2006 11:26pm
Post 1437 / 3024
Pm mostertman. hes the best with paint shop.

Look at the stuff hes done here...

Id be glad to help with something if i can do it... your one of the few people i respect on this site

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