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God311   Posted 1st Apr 2006 3:00pm
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ok about a year or so ago i ran itno a dedicated server that after so many seconds told all the players in the room how many deaths and kills each player had, i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do this or direct me to the necessary files needed to do this.
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sobe    Posted 1st Apr 2006 8:59pm
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I assume you played this server whilst in ISM(Iron Sun Mod). Yes, it is true, SnipedDragon made an application to do this with. Whenever you typed in rank, it would show how many kills/deaths you have, as well as your K/D ratio. Also had some other features there too, which I don't remember.
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SnipedDragon   Posted 10th Jul 2006 5:07pm
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That's quite easy for games like BME, most games of one brand share the same protocol ... Although that isn't the case with RF/ISM lol.

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