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HitPerson   Posted 1st Apr 2006 3:53am
L4Y Member
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Don't know how old this is but I figured the "are you a nerd?" test was pretty fun, so here is one to determine if you are a fanboy of any of the 3 major console companies (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft).

I'm well aware that the majority of us on this site are PC owners, but I'm sure that at one point most of us owned a console. Plus, these kind of test are always fun to take.

I scored:

Nintendo Fanboy: 47%
Sony Fanboy: 27%
Microsoft Fanboy: 35%

This means you're: Not a fanboy*

What did you score?

*In order to be a "Fanboy," your score has to be heavily swayed towards one company.
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Duke    Posted 1st Apr 2006 3:59am
Post 530 / 1353
This is also a sign that you are a fanboy.

I got:

Nintendo Fanboy: 3%
Sony Fanboy: 69%
Microsoft Fanboy: 6%

This means you're: Sony Fanboy.

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HitPerson   Posted 1st Apr 2006 4:05am
L4Y Member
Post 156 / 379

Quoting Duke
This is also a sign that you are a fanboy.

That was an interesting commercial to say the least.
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 1st Apr 2006 6:22am
L4Y Member
Post 416 / 1251

Nintendo Fanboy: 30%
Sony Fanboy: 36%
Microsoft Fanboy: 47%

This means you're: Not a fanboy
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133   Posted 1st Apr 2006 6:32am
L4Y Member
Post 50 / 79

Nintendo Fanboy: 12%
Sony Fanboy: 11%
Microsoft Fanboy: 65%

This means you're: Somewhat Fanboy

Why doesn't this add up to a hundred percent?
Tech_N9ne   Posted 1st Apr 2006 8:10am
L4Y Member
Post 99 / 163


Nintendo Fanboy: 21%
Sony Fanboy: 34%
Microsoft Fanboy: 22%

This means you're: Not a fanboy

Aw, poop, I was so hoping to be part of some madeup group, guess I don't belong.

Oh wait, "Good for you, you like vareiety", I feel so much better!

IMO, PS3 is gonna own, least I hope so...
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LordSeafood   Posted 1st Apr 2006 8:37am
L4Y Member
Post 995 / 1792

Nintendo Fanboy: 82%
Sony Fanboy: 5%
Microsoft Fanboy: 5%

This means you're: Nintendo FanBoy

I think this is inaccurate as i like the Xbox way more then the PS2
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vibes   Posted 1st Apr 2006 11:42am
L4Y Member
Post 29 / 552

Nintendo Fanboy: 14%
Sony Fanboy: 63%
Microsoft Fanboy: 22%

This means you're: Sony #1


What does it mean?

You're a gamer, since you like all the systems, but Sony is your guilty pleasure. But at least you don't insult the other systems.    
Mostertman    Posted 1st Apr 2006 12:16pm
Post 1124 / 2820
Nintendo Fanboy: 22%
Sony Fanboy: 51%
Microsoft Fanboy: 11%

This means you're: Not a fanboy


You like all the systems pretty equally, or at least don't love any of thes systesms. Good for you, you like vareiety.
The_Doc   Posted 1st Apr 2006 1:32pm
Stargate Worlds
L4Y Member
Post 666 / 962

Nintendo Fanboy: 55%
Sony Fanboy: 46%
Microsoft Fanboy: 38%

This means you're: Not a fanboy

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