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Assaultman67    Posted 30th Mar 2006 4:04am
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go ahead ... :)
work is for suckers. :
i don't care about you. :P

I dont want to vote, show me the results!
I was thinking of starting a computer repair shop (ill sell computers too probably.) this summer to get some extra cash. I know that in the area i live in there are few people available to fix/build computers, and those who are able to do it should be considered mentally retarted. (for example this one guy builds computers from outdated parts in his really dusty garage ... and he still gets business , or this other guy who fixed my freinds spyware/malware/virus issues and claimed it was because he was surfing L4Y on his computer!!! ... im dead serious too. My freind stopped going to L4Y )

So i would probably get good business.

But here is the problem, i am afraid that after i am done fixing computers this summer ... people will still call me to fix them later on in the year. Ive seen it happen before.

Also i hate dealing with stupid people ... No seriously i do hate dealing with stupid people.

I also have the option to be a slacker, not work and spend more time on L4Y, but if i worked i would have money to donate possibly to the site.
133   Posted 30th Mar 2006 6:16am
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I'd do it, but I'm sure if you're going to be the best, you'll really need to be patient. There will be people who are very irritating with how little they know about computers.

What do you mean you'll sell computers too? Like custom ones or general assembly line types that you can get at Wal-Mart? Because you get what you pay for from Wal-Mart computers, a complex piece of spare parts and scrap.
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Assaultman67    Posted 30th Mar 2006 2:28pm
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i would sell custom computers ... the retail ones suck .

I figure since nobody else in the area sell custom gaming PC's i could easily sell those.
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cyrus5   Posted 30th Mar 2006 3:12pm
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Sounds good. You would probably find that securing peoples wireless networks is good too, if you are knowledgable in such things.

Often people selling pc's are brain dead. I remember msm telling me about the time one of garners hard drives dies, they went down to their local shop since they needed one asap. they asked for a hard drive, and they guys like,

'how about this computer'...


'This one has a modem'...


'Not sure we have any, what is it you want'...

Head case...

Reminds me of the Dime Bar...

Whats crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle?! ARMADILLO'S!!

Two Armadillo's?!
Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato
I think it would be a good idea. - Mahatma Gandhi, when asked what he thought of Western civilisation.!  
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modmaker91   Posted 30th Mar 2006 3:41pm
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That is probably what I will do if I can't get a job in game development. Go for it.
Let those who don't understand me, fear me. Let those who understand me, fear themselves.    
Assaultman67    Posted 30th Mar 2006 4:43pm
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Quoting cyrus5
Sounds good. You would probably find that securing peoples wireless networks is good too, if you are knowledgable in such things.

Yeah i know a little about that, our house has wireless and Uber security on it even though there probably isn't a decent hacker within a 100 miles ... but i doubt there would be many people out there who would call me to secure their wireless.

most problems around here are usually the "my computer is slow, make it faster" or "it's broke, fix it" type ... they don't have a clue what could be the problem.

I probably should say that i only work on Windows systems ... i feel retarted working on macs. don't know them as well .

But also i am afraid of charging people for things that are really easy to fix, i guess im just not a person who can take advantage of somebody easily.
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Assaultman67    Posted 15th Apr 2006 3:33pm
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Any other opinions before i completely let this topic die from mal-attention?

I am still not sure if i should do it.

SkipRat    Posted 15th Apr 2006 4:00pm
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Heh please dont take this in the wrong way at all. But have you asked any of your real life mates? what do they think?

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