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HitPerson   Posted 7th Apr 2006 8:12pm
L4Y Member
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It was only a matter of time, but somebody has already designed a nude mode for Oblivion. The real question is though, is it worth fighting a high level creature and dying just to see some Oblivion boobage?
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D2k   Posted 7th Apr 2006 9:58pm
L4Y Member
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Well, all you are a bunch of haters...

Oblivion is the best rpg ive ever played. less or more action than your typical rpg. i just love the amount of detail they spent in it. battles are alot more fun compared to morrowind. tons of dungeons items skills and possibilities to keep you occupied for a long time. Morrowind kept me busy with its single player (although lacking voiceovers, you had to read ALOT but i didnt mind) as well as after i completed the main quest.

Oblivion will do the same, and better. once i get it and the construction set ill be modding for it.
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Mono   Posted 7th Apr 2006 10:21pm
L4Y Member
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Somebody do me a favour - save your game, then get a couple of guards chasing you, then find a cliff and jump off it. Tell me if the guards follow you...
- Mono    
HitPerson   Posted 7th Apr 2006 10:29pm
L4Y Member
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The other night I was being chased by (no joke):
- 2 Black Bears
- 1 Troll
- 1 Spriggan (which summoned another damn bear)
- 2 Bandits (one had a warhammer and the other a bow)

They chased me for about 25 minutes 'til Ifound my way back onto a road. I ran down the road and eventually found a Legion Horseman who helped kill 2 Bears and the Spriggan before getting killed himself. I finished off the Troll, Bear and Bandits by back-peddaling and chucking frost and shooting arrows.

Maybe it could have all been avoided if I had jumped off a cliff, perhaps.
Hitperson: a politically correct assassin.    
133   Posted 7th Apr 2006 11:40pm
L4Y Member
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I tried something similar. I was walking across a large bridge (it's the one SE of the Imperial city) and a highwayman stopped me to ask me to hand over a hundred bucks or die. I challenged his honor and we began to fight, to avoid what would have been certain death, I jumped off the bridge, he didn't follow me. Unfortunately, he was smart enough to go to the end of the bridge run down the steep hill and meet me on the beach. He crushed my head into a bowl of jelly, looted my body, then fed it to the mudcrabs.

So I'm sure guards will be just as smart as he was. "Oh yeah, he jumped off a cliff! Why would we do hurt ourselves following him directly!? I KNOW! Let's just pull out our bows and pin him to the ground!"
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