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HitPerson   Posted 20th Mar 2006 4:57am
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Obviously this guy can dish out a joke, but apparently can't take one when it's at his expense.

These situations (where double standards are involved) are the ones that irritate me the most.
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SkipRat    Posted 20th Mar 2006 12:35pm
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old news

Posted this on systemblink ages ago.

And i agree.... its stupid... but CENSORED him he aint that good anyway.
Garner    Posted 20th Mar 2006 1:11pm
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Not really old news... its been in the news pretty much constantly for the past few days... still stories about it popping up now.

I agree though... if he could participate when other religions were parodied then in my eyes he has no right to complain when his religion is parodied.
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SkipRat    Posted 20th Mar 2006 1:33pm
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Haha nah i diddnt mean it like a CENSORED garner...

I just ment it happend a week or so back.

Sorry if i sounded like molodiets for a second there
Anyway ive had a bacon sarnie now cant post on a empty stomach
Meh...    Modified Mar 20th, 01:35pm by SkipRat
HitPerson   Posted 20th Mar 2006 9:21pm
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This was the first time I had seen the story, I've been out of touch with the world for a week or so. I just wanted to see what people thought.

Good to see we all agree Hayes is lame for doing this.
Hitperson: a politically correct assassin.    

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