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Beatonator    Posted 17th Mar 2006 3:36pm
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Wicked, I somehow broke my PC whilst installing a Wireless LAN card. Why couldnt I have paid 5 quid more and brought a USB one

Basically I turn my PC on, get a NO SIGNAL INPUT error. which indicates 1 of 3 problems to me,

Cable between monitor and Tower damaged... should still get a picture though.

Graphics Card fried... once again some image surely.

Mobo fried... the computer doesn't beep when turning on any more, plus I cant hear the usual sounds the HDD used to make when loading.

On Tuesday my mate is gonna help me try to find the source of the problem, but I cant help but think its my Mobo now.

Any ideas, i have tried all the usual, taking out plugging back in etc...

Anyway I aint gonna be on as much ATM, till its fixed.
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Assaultman67    Posted 17th Mar 2006 3:57pm
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i honestly think its your mobo ... it makes sense especially since you installed a new card. That happens alot, if you don't use all of your stand offs or you press your card into the mobo too hard.

but i hope that its something else ... it would be easier for you.

... that sucks

look at it this way, at least you now have a good reason to upgrade your PC .
D2k   Posted 17th Mar 2006 4:03pm
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Wow beat that sux... i hope you have a warranty on that thing...
unless it was custom built eesh.... my pc had a 4 year warranty. can you guess what day of the year it broke down?
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ExoStatic   Posted 17th Mar 2006 4:31pm
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The day after the warranty expired?
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D2k   Posted 17th Mar 2006 5:18pm
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great guess!
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Beatonator    Posted 17th Mar 2006 5:20pm
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Heh, being a computing student I would have thought I could fix it however I just found I do have a 3yr warranty (custom built too D2k )... warranty runs out november this year... woohoo!

Well only thing Im worried about mobo fitting is, breaking my CPU... my mate is gonna help me try to fit it, if that is the case.
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Garner    Posted 17th Mar 2006 6:16pm
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Sorry but you'll probably find that by opening up your PC you voided the warranty. Certainly if you had to break any form of seal (usually a sticker across the back of a panel)

Check the wording of the agreement I dont know any company that allows you to open up with a PC they sold you, break it and then send it back for them to replace at their cost
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D2k   Posted 17th Mar 2006 6:21pm
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not if they dont know about it... hehehe...

fry the HD then remove all the stuff that was inside thats yours then send it back. LOL
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 17th Mar 2006 6:30pm
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sounds alot like a recent problem i had with a pc i built myself. sent the machine into to a repair place, and its the video card which is fried.. so i would try getting another vid card of the same type. pci e or agp.. and see if u get an image...
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sobe    Posted 17th Mar 2006 8:05pm
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Just first test your mobo first, do you have another cheap mobo laying around? Or another pc with parts you can test the mobo on?
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LordSeafood   Posted 18th Mar 2006 12:29am
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Yes i agree with Sobe, before you go buying anything find out what the problem is.

Another thing to look at is does your mobo have a little light in it indicating power? (ive only ever seen them on intel boards)
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hA Warlord   Posted 18th Mar 2006 1:06am
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It is the mobo if it doesnt make the beep's
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DVL_IAC   Posted 18th Mar 2006 1:29am
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Have you tried resetting your CMOS?
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Beatonator    Posted 23rd Mar 2006 10:58am
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Ok, sorted out that it is my Mobo, been in touch with the company I brought it from and they are going to ring me back to arrange a delivery time, and also the time that a Technician will be able to make it out to fit it for me!

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cyrus5   Posted 23rd Mar 2006 11:51am
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Normaly pcs are resonably robust, Ive never used a static strap and have never fried a component. An important thing to remember is that motherboards now have soft power off, the best thing to do is leave the pc plugged in, but the socket turned off, that way the pc is earthed, then hit the power button a couple of times to make sure all the residual power is drained. if you see a green light on the motherboard, best not pull out stuff, wait till its off first. A couple of times id forgotten to do this, got a card half way in and the pc started up on its own. Luckely no damage was done either time.

As for static it takes a decent shock to kill chips, latent static electricity wont do much, you need a shock that you can feel with your finger for it to be powerful enough, and even still its likely nothing would happen.

Possible problems with your rig would have been cracked paths on the bottom of the mb if you pressed too hard without enough supports under the mb, or if you hadnt pushed the card in enough and started the pc its possible damage could occur when it was started.

Tis good that they are replacing it though! Wish my pc had a warranty!
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Beatonator    Posted 24th Mar 2006 2:44pm
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Haha, this is right on the end of my Warranty so im well chuffed!

The Technician is a local guy, and he has rung me twice already and Im going to ring him back again when I get the Mobo, should be at home now... or I may have to go collect it from the couriers Depot.

Hopefully Tuesday will be Boot up day
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