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SkipRat    Posted 16th Mar 2006 1:29am
Post 1386 / 3024
Okay. Some of you know... some of you dont is totaly different now... Me and beatonator have been hard at work changing the site all around.

we even have an arcade now!!

Mostertman as always is the leader of all the games

Anyway yeah... Just an announcement rather than PM'ing all of the old members from here...

Unfortunaly you will have to sign up again... but i think its worth it
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 16th Mar 2006 2:33am
L4Y Member
Post 355 / 1251

Yea when I went to last week, i had trouble logging in lol

Anyways very good layout

Kinda reminds me of the layout
60% of the time, it works every time - Brian Fantana    
SkipRat    Posted 16th Mar 2006 4:22am
Post 1388 / 3024
Yeah man sign back up then!!!

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