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Steve-O   Posted 14th Mar 2006 10:03pm
L4Y Member
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While playing anytype of game, there must be some sort of music that you listen to? I normally whack Keerang! on really loud on my T.V. and try to wake the neighbours
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goober   Posted 14th Mar 2006 10:17pm
L4Y Member
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i usually stick on Roger Waters - In The Flesh on my TV so it doesnt lag my comptuer at all.... or stick on some downloaded johnny cash and rush....

When im modeling, however, i just have to listin to oldies... i can never model listening to fast pace music...
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Beatonator    Posted 15th Mar 2006 9:51am
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normally the games music or such... i rarely put music on as it uses Valuable resources, for some reason RF even lags when i have Winamp on.
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smotty   Posted 22nd Mar 2006 7:04pm
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all I hear when playing is my kids "can I play now dad"or "my turn"LOL I think Im get'n old cuz lately I seem to be kickn it with jazz
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cyrus5   Posted 23rd Mar 2006 10:57am
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I sit with my guitar on my lap, my cs skills require some form of alternate entertainment for the long gaps in between death and respawning!

Been a bit Pearl Jammy recently... and Staind is good 'Im fed up and want to kill you all (in the game of course ) music'
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