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SkipRat    Posted 15th Mar 2006 2:27am
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Quoting komodo

SkipRat, I know a guy who used to go to school with, and is still very good freinds with the one of the band members (lead singer perhaps?) of that band in your avatar. They are currently going to tour with Iron Maiden...

Sweet matt is the singer of trvium.

And im going to see them in london on the 22nd of dec.

Maiden and trivium are the best 2 bands EVER!
komodo   Posted 15th Mar 2006 2:42am
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Yea, I definatly dont dig heavy metal that much, but, they are pretty cool, and its neat to be able to know someone who can like hook me up or whatever.
SkipRat    Posted 15th Mar 2006 3:08am
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Yeah man last off topic post from me... but i got the drummer of caliban on my msn thats my claim to fame =D

Heh for some proper off topic chat sign up over at me and beatonator run that site. Would be cool to see some people from here on there.

Anyways its 3am so im gonna go have a crazy dream
i had a weird one this morning when i was snoozing... but i completely forgot what it was about... why is that?
And no one say its because i smoke my body weight in weed because it isnt that.... a lot of people forget their dreams why is this?

ill try and remember the one i have tonight.
Pickles   Posted 15th Mar 2006 4:54am
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One time I had that falling dream and I woke up on the floor with a cut in my forehead and blood on the corner of my desk. That was great. I 'm pretty sure I physically act out my dreams as I sleep, because I wake up a lot of being in the motion I am in the dream, like if I'm reaching up to grab something I wake up reaching up, or if I'm walking I'll wake up walking (while still laying over) and stuff like that... I've always wondered what all I've done while I'm asleep. When I was little I used to sleep walk a lot. Isn't that the creepiest thing? If you ever see someone sleep walk, their like impossible to wake up. I guess my parents would shake me and talk to me, and eventually I'd just walk back to my room and lay down... its pretty crazy.
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Assaultman67    Posted 15th Mar 2006 5:04am
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ive noticed that the time elapsation in dreams are not the same as in the present. for example i can fall asleep for 15 min and have a dream for a day. When you have one of those falling dream, and find yourself on the ground the next morining the sense of falling in your dream is probably alot longer than you actually fell in reality. Kind of interesting when you think about it. I know it has a lot to do with hypnosis and how external sources, such as sounds or other senses are relayed to your dreams.
Beatonator    Posted 15th Mar 2006 9:51am
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Quoting Pickles
When I was little I used to sleep walk a lot. Isn't that the creepiest thing? If you ever see someone sleep walk, their like impossible to wake up. I guess my parents would shake me and talk to me, and eventually I'd just walk back to my room and lay down... its pretty crazy.

It is actually really Bad to wake someone up when they are sleep walking. It can give them a serious mental shock when they wake up.The best method is to get them back to bed, or try to wake them up slowly by talking quietly to them, DONT shake them.

I used to sleep walk, now THIs is weird right, I once went sleep walking and I remember it as though I was awake and in control of my body but I wasn't I was like a visitor just watching me from the inside! I got up, walked downstairs went into the front room sat down and started watching TV, (was about Midnight) my mum asked me what I was doing and i said i was watching TV, she then told me to go back to bed, and i said Ok, got up walked back upto bed and went to sleep. Weird or what?
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skvlad01   Posted 15th Mar 2006 9:51am
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Quoting Beatonator

Also Dreams where you think you wake up but your still actually asleep and then you wake up again, I have done that 5 times once.

yeah they are realy confusing dont know if u are awake yet.
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Ghostkid   Posted 15th Mar 2006 1:05pm
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if that happens to me i hit sometimes because i think im still asleep i hit myself SO huuurts
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Spikey2005   Posted 22nd Mar 2006 11:29am
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Sweet mother of jesus!

I had a dream last nyt that the sea level risen more than 100 metres. a big massive wave came over my head, soaked me, then the sea started to rise slowly covering my area near the river called "The Fish Quay". Then the BBC News started to broadcast this event live, as nearly everyone gathered to watch this horrifying event happening... I havent a clue to what set this dream off... but it was very weird!
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modmaker91   Posted 22nd Mar 2006 3:04pm
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Sometimes the things on the national geographic channel give me nightmares. One time I watched this thing about a big meteor crashing into the earth in a few million years and I went to my room afterwards and played FF VII till i got tired, and the dream was that Meteor from FF VII was 15 minutes from smashing into the earth, and on the way here it swiped the moon, demolishing it. When Meteor was about 50 feet from crashing I woke up.
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