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Molodiets   Posted 10th Mar 2006 7:52pm
L4Y Member
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As explained here and here, the british have finaly invented a solution to your ploblems of youngsters.

With that tiny electronic device, you can get rid of those irritating teenagers and keep them away.

A great huurah for the inventor of that now indispensable machine.
I just hope it can be used on-line. Maybe if i record the sound as a flash animation, i could put the deterrent sound on some forums.
spoilsport    Modified Mar 10th, 07:53pm by Molodiets
Assaultman67    Posted 10th Mar 2006 8:24pm
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seems kinda stupid to me ... it might chase away the younger crowd from loitering, but it also would chase them away from buying their stuff. if they really don't want people loitering, put up a sign that says no loitering.

... honestly it kinda ticks me off thinking about it.
   Modified Mar 10th, 08:26pm by Assaultman67

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