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Steve-O   Posted 10th Mar 2006 1:25pm
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Quoting mad_ferrit
Quoting Steve-O
i spose i could use my laptop as a monitor

No, dont do that. Where abouts in the UK you from? I bought a 20 inch flat screen Dell CRT monitor froma place in Oldham for 90 quid. It's redundant now as I've replaced it with a widescreen LCD jobby. You can either buy my monitor or go to the same place I did. I'll be putting mine on Ebay hoping to get around 40-50 quid for it. It's a damn good (huge) monitor

down in the south, bognor regis, same place as The_Doc.

one of the PC's that has interested me is THIS
SYSTEMBLINK.COM!! Possiably the best site ever    Modified Mar 10th, 01:34pm by Steve-O
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