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Assman15    Posted 9th Mar 2006 3:03am
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I've been trying to set up a personal FTP site for my own use, however I can't connect to it from the internet. I know the setup isn't the problem, when I connect internally it works perfectly.

I'm behind a Linksys BEFW11S2 router/wireless access point and all the correct ports are forwarded. I also run an HTTP server out of the same PC without any connection problems.

My belief is that PASV makes my PC hand back it's IP address and it's handing the internal IP rather than the external one. Any help with configuring this is appretiated.
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Beatonator    Posted 9th Mar 2006 8:56am
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Ouch, wish i could help you assman, except it sounds like you already know more than me!

I know I ha dtrouble connecting to L4Y server at one point, try turning PASV off?
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Assman15    Posted 9th Mar 2006 11:02am
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Quoting Beatonator
I know I ha dtrouble connecting to L4Y server at one point, try turning PASV off?

Well, I'm using Windows XP's built-in IIS services to host my FTP. I can't seem to find any options regarding PASV otherwise I'd have tried turning it off.
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 Genxer    Posted 9th Mar 2006 11:37am
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The correct ports may be forwarded (ie: port 21) but in the router setup have you forwarded the port from your Global ip (Internet IP) back to your current Lan ip (ie: 192.168.0.xx or whatever your local address is), setting your pc to have a static address on the lan would good or just set the port forwaring to have a range or Lan ip's to goto (ie: -

Try Port Forward and find your router there and see if it can help you.
Assman15    Posted 9th Mar 2006 7:43pm
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My PC is set up as a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone?) which forwards all ports to my PC. I do currently have a static IP assigned as well as DHCP disabled.

If anyone knows a way to give my PC an external IP address while still keeping it behind the router that would solve my problem.

Edit: The problem was solved by using dynamic domain name hosting and third-party FTP software.
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