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tagmaster   Posted 8th Mar 2006 11:36pm
L4Y Member
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Hi im Tagmaster, and i need a little help.

Yesterday, i just bought a new Motherboard a Foxconn 661MX, everything is installed just fine, but since i did this little upgrade (I was on a Biostar P4 Series) i got a very poor performance in Games (tried with NFS:MW, Halo, CS:S & HL2), not even a single game managed to hit a playable FPS even at 640*480, i know my system its not the lastest in Gaming rigs but before the update i managed to play all of them in 800*600 at mid-full settings (Source Engine at 1024*768) with a very decent framerate. I would be very gratefull if some manage to help me with this one .

Here are my specs:
Windows XP MCE 2005 (Fresh install since upgrade)
Foxconn 661MX
Intel Celeron "Northwood" 2.6Ghz
512Mb DDR PC333 (256x2)
Nvidia GeforceFX 5500 AGP8X 256Mb

PS: Every part is updated on its lastest driver
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