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HitPerson   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 8:32pm
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It would seem that Europe has had its fill of cultural angst:

Can't say I blame them, there's only so much someone can take before they react. In this case, maybe a bit extreme; but I won't fault them for it.
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goober   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 10:21pm
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lets see how the dutch level on this forum react...
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HitPerson   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 10:28pm
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React to what? My post or what is being discussed in the article?
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Garner    Posted 2nd Mar 2006 11:04pm
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Thats the way it should be. If you live in any country you should abide by the laws and to some extent the traditions of that country.

Otherwise get out.
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HitPerson   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 11:21pm
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Quoting Garner
Thats the way it should be. If you live in any country you should abide by the laws and to some extent the traditions of that country.

Otherwise get out.

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133   Posted 3rd Mar 2006 12:21am
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Even though I live in America, "The Land of the Free" shouldn't it be at least a common courtesy for immigrants to learn english? Maybe it's just wishful thinking.
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 3rd Mar 2006 12:30am
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If you live in America, maybe you should learn how to speak our language.

Lol in school, when it's lunchtime, you can hear all these fobs talking chinese SOOOO loud!!!! I mean, im not racist or anything but geez, cant they use their indoor voice? Then you see mexicans telling them to CENSORED ....
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HitPerson   Posted 3rd Mar 2006 3:06am
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It's not so much a case of making an immigrant 'give up' their culture as it is the country preserving its own.

If an immigrant wants to practice their culture at home and family gatherings, thats fine. Even when ethnic communities get together and have celebrations (like Greek festivals and such), that's cool. But it is stupid (not to mention selfish) to expect the country you move to to bend over backwards to accommadate you (like not having immigrants learn the language of the region and not celebrating certain holidays for fear of offending their culture)

If a country tries too hard to cater to all the incoming cultures, than its own culture will disappear, this goes for any country.
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ENM   Posted 3rd Mar 2006 3:17am
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We have the same problem in Aust. Migrants, refugees etc come into the country and expect, no, demand, to be the centre of attention, getting preferntial treatment in all manner of things, even our driver knowledge testing is done in multiple languages, the most discrimated against person now in Australia is the white Australian born male. We there have even been arrests and riots over aussies flying the aussie flag in public.
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CommanderViper   Posted 3rd Mar 2006 3:27am
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Hm...this all make me very wary. Anytime we have someone closing down ports and putting their country on lockdown, who gets involved? Why, its the Americans of course. Don't get me wrong I'm American myself but the way this is going, I can see the U.S. intervening in one way or another (in the process starting 2 World Wars and a military coup if we play our cards right )
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HitPerson   Posted 3rd Mar 2006 3:34am
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I don't see America getting involved unless war breaks out (without our help). Otherwise, I figure we'll just sit back and enjoy the show.

Besides, if you asked any staunch liberal about it, they would say something to the effect of "Denmark doesn't have oil so Bush doesn't care," or something like that.
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