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The_Doc   Posted 1st Mar 2006 6:36pm
Stargate Worlds
L4Y Member
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I was talking to a couple of friends earlier and they kept taking the mick out of me because i like Stargate and play alot of BF2, so then i thought about putting them together.

Think about it, BF2 but with the SGC agaisnt the Goa'uld!! You could use the USMC models for the SGC and you already have the weapons and vechiles... unless you make the X-302 fighters.

All you would have to do is make the gou'ald weapons/vechiles/player models.

There could also be maps on planets and on the SGC base.

Now, i don't know how to map/make models, but u could help with research etc.

Any guys/gals wanna give this a try.

If you anyone that could help, tell them about the idea and see what they think.
mad_ferrit   Posted 1st Mar 2006 7:18pm
L4Y Member
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I guess your first port of call would be EA's Official Mod TUtorial

Maybe get in touch with Some of the Guys working on these Mods
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The_Doc   Posted 1st Mar 2006 7:28pm
Stargate Worlds
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Okay, i will do that. I have told them to come here to discuss the MOD... give Garner more hits and members

I hope this MOD gets made as it would be really good, and i think Garner would agree
SKA-Diesel   Posted 1st Mar 2006 11:16pm
L4Y Member
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I posted a reply at moddb...

ska replies
The_Doc   Posted 2nd Mar 2006 10:41am
Stargate Worlds
L4Y Member
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The topic got closed...

I am going to send an e-mail to MGM, and see what they have to say. I doubt that they will let me do it but i might as well try.

Anyway, i am going to download the BF2 editor and have a little look at it. See if i can figure out how to do it...

Wish me luck

Well, i just sent it off... but i expect it will take at least a week for a reply.
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