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Ranswer3   Posted 27th Feb 2006 10:07pm
L4Y Member
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Does anyone know how to change the top title of like say Internet explorer browser or firefox?

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sobe    Posted 27th Feb 2006 10:12pm
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Yeah, don't use Mozilla's Google search web page
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Garner    Posted 27th Feb 2006 10:14pm
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<!-- doc type stuff here -->
<title>what you want here</title>
<other headers here>
<body declaration>
<body stuff here>

just view the source on any webpage you visit...
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Ranswer3   Posted 27th Feb 2006 10:16pm
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No see what im trying to say is. My friend had change the top thing to his name and i wanted to know how to change it back.

For example "Google - Microsoft Internet Explorer - Created bye Blah Blah"

I want it back to normal.

Sweet Garner, thats what im looking for thnx a bunch man. Thnx for the quik replies too.

This didn't work i can't seem to find out how to get his name off. His name is on every web page!!! ERR.
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cyrus5   Posted 28th Feb 2006 12:51pm
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Its the branding feature, you can also change the little rotating planet, I made one in tribute to, Changed ie into Microsith Planet Exploder! complete with rotating deathstar loading icon!

ahh did a quick google for you
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