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CS0900   Posted 17th Feb 2006 9:46pm
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Is there any way to upload a file withought this FTP thing? what is FTP? And if i absolutely need it where can i find it. Forgive me if im retarded.
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elliooo   Posted 17th Feb 2006 10:08pm
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Yes, an FTP is the only way for you to upload files to the site, you can find a good one here:

Smart FTP

To use it, you type in the address, username and password up the top. You can find these on the uploading form on the site.

You'll then see a list of L4Y's database of files, you simply drag the file from your computer to the L4Y section.
goober   Posted 17th Feb 2006 11:07pm
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No your not retarded.
FTP is File Transfer Protocall. It is used to transfer files from differnt adresses easyly. You can use IE for FTP (built-in) or (my recommendation) Use an FTP Program, theres a good FTP program on this site called WS FTP... i wont post the link cause frank will kill me

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