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agentpayn   Posted 17th Feb 2006 8:48pm
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Ok actually this game wont be out till like August or so but it seems worth the wait and besides there can still be a section filled with trailers, pics, and new info. The game obviously takes place in Cherynobyl, the place where the worlds worst nuclear meltdown occured. The place is devoid of life entirely and is basically hell on earth. Its in a distant future where now the radiation has gone down enough for ppl to explore portions of the city. You play as a stalker, a person hired to search throughout Chernobyl for rare radioactive artifacts worth tons of cash. However the radiation has had some crazy aftermath. Mutanted creatures, monsters, and other horrific things r popping up.

The best part about stalker it is open ended exploration. Stalker will run just like GTA: VC does, a huge open map with minimal loading screens. Next is also the fact that everything from armor down to even the smallest bullet can b sold or bought. Not only that but also what was mentioned (although I havnt heard anything latly) is that u can quicksave anywhere u want, but theres a danger to that. If u quicksave then sign off in the middle of the open road loaded with hostile enemies, wen u start the game again ull b near death and have pretty much gotten ur CENSORED kicked. However if u save in the smallest darkest corner miles away from any living thing, ull start out the same way. A little like Metal Gear Solid 3.

Last but not least must b the coolest feature to the game, Zones and Zone Blowouts. Zones r areas that r infected with radiation and have several odd effects. One zone is made up of extreme chemicals that quickly rust any object. If an unprotected creature enters the zone, their skin quickly blackens and they die. To make matters worse r the Zone Blowouts. Zone Blowouts r wen radiation in a zone reaches its peak and explodes, metaphoriclly speaking. The sky brightens to the point u r blinded by light, the ground shakes worse than an earthquake, and the force of the gravity is so extreme everything is crushed and destroyed. In short if ur in the middle of a Zone Blowout, u might as well b dead. And what really fucks things up is after a Zone Blowout, radiation can increase or b created. A zone that was once free of danger can now b hazardous and vice versa and blowouts constantly occur even while ur off the game so ull never know wen a zone becomes dangerous. Not only that, but as u progress through the story, blowouts occur even more frequently to the point they oocur every half hour, meaning u can never stop moving.

So in short, this is pretty much an MMORPG only its not offline and theres a story to follow. This definetly seems like a great game and the good news is its being made by THQ who has a record of making good, fun games so u can expect the game to b good. In short, this game is awesomeness. Check out the Stalker website for info.
goober   Posted 17th Feb 2006 9:05pm
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Quoting agentpayn
THQ who has a record of making good, fun games

they may make like 2 decent games... but they have horrible service on all of their games...

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cyrus5   Posted 23rd Mar 2006 12:28pm
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Probably quicker to buy a gun, get a cheap flight to kiev and hire a car to drive there!

Introducing Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl, The Extreme Holiday Experience....

There might not be so many mutants, gameplay might be a bit slow and you only get to play once; there's no quick save functionality either. But aside from that, the level of immersive realism is unparalleled! The game engine supports an infinte number of players, incredible graphical realism, and the worlds best physics engine!

In stores now! From $299 for a one way flight and transport from Kiev, Ukraine, we'll also throw in your first 1000 rounds of ammo, a 24 hour ration pack and 2 smoke grenades!
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RF Grim Reaper   Posted 2nd Apr 2007 2:52am
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Had the chance to beta test this, unfortunately my system isn't high enough spec to run the damn game
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DVL_IAC   Posted 2nd Apr 2007 3:03am
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Got the game like a week ago. Laggs like crazy on high so I have to run it on medium with some things turned down a bit more. I Played the for like an hour and got board.. Nothing really interesting has happend sofar.. it's just been like go here meet these people, go get something, bring it back, now go here, etc. So I got board of it already.
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