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NoClanFrank    Posted 17th Feb 2006 7:52am
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Yes you hoser, I buy my music. It's only 88 cents at If I want a song that has profanity then I go to MSN music and give Billy Gates some more of my money(99 cents a song).
You mentioned School campuses. In UCLA, they will soon make avalible legal music to download. How exactly it's going to work, I don't know. I was too lazy to read the article and then when I wanted to read it. I had lost the school news paper, "The Daily Bruin".
OK I found the article in a lot less detail here:

Campus soon to offer legal downloading

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KillAllHumans   Posted 17th Feb 2006 9:37am
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i just download music
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The_Doc   Posted 17th Feb 2006 2:07pm
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I buy all my music, from itunes etc. 69p for 1 track is good, espically if you only like 2 songs on 1 album. You end up paying £12.99 (or however much the album cost) for just 2 songs.

I have a MP4/Mp3 player and i put all my music on there, as well as my movies. I own all of the video's and music, so surely it is up to me what the hell i want to do with it!
Trump   Posted 17th Feb 2006 4:12pm
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Quoting Aerithis
I will buy a CD if I like the majority of the songs, but often times I only like one or two songs on the CD. In that case, I just use Limewire. I mean, come on, I'm not going to spend $20 on one song.

I was a Napster geek when it first came out, but gave it up. Didn't even think about copyright infringement, but I have to say, that the artists are due there fair share, but I don't believe that they should be able to tell you what to do when you purchase their product that is on the open market. Now, I will use the download services and get the song I want. I doubt if I will ever routinely by music CD's again.
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NoClanFrank    Posted 17th Feb 2006 8:54pm
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Trump I too was a Napster, KaZaa and Lime Wire freak. But now I am just a freak. The funny thing about most if not all the songs I got from them I already had on CDs. I found that out when I converted all my CDs(just the songs I like) to Mp3s, which took me a couple of months to do. I used Music Match to do it, which helped out since it looked up the album information for me.

What was a pain was when it didn't find it and I had to type in all the information in myself. Then I went through the whole collection to make sure that it had all the tags it needed. I didn't like seeing the word "unknown" in my Mp3 player. Whether it was for the artist or the song.

But I agree, if I bought the music I should be allowed to do whatever I want with it. Well anything but to sell it to other people. Making money on copy right music is wrong unless you are the one with the copy rights.
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goober   Posted 17th Feb 2006 9:00pm
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No its not... if you buy something you should be able to sell it if you want...
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