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mow123   Posted 16th Feb 2006 5:30am
L4Y Member
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Just post a link and I aready used the homecute one...
then I can sumbit the two trail maps and the first version of funrooms map
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133   Posted 16th Feb 2006 6:16am
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This is the one I was directed to.
NoClanFrank    Posted 16th Feb 2006 6:30am
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SHHH, Garner might find out that I had that file hidden from him.
Or does he already know?
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mow123   Posted 16th Feb 2006 6:54am
L4Y Member
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hey I didn't know levels for you had one on their site...
thank you.
I like crowbars!    Modified Feb 16th, 06:56am by mow123
NoClanFrank    Posted 16th Feb 2006 7:21am
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We actually had more useful files a while ago. The only reason this one didn't get deleted was because when I uploaded, I uploaded to the Red Faction section of the site. We use to have a tool section for those type of files. I just fine that it's a useful tool for Red Faction, well submitting files to the site.
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cyrus5   Posted 16th Feb 2006 1:12pm
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LeechFTP is one of my favorites, free, quick, good functionality.
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NoClanFrank    Posted 16th Feb 2006 8:44pm
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That's good hoser but you can atlest provide him with a link to where to get it from for "free"?
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sobe    Posted 16th Feb 2006 10:42pm
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CoreFTP LE is probably the best free FTP I have used. Just download the LE version, as it is the same as pro, I have tried both and didn't notice a differance <_<

But I have been using that for almost over a year now. It roxxors my boxxors!
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walter93   Posted 17th Feb 2006 12:22am
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u don't need an ftp program to upload files. You can just use internet explorer to access the ftp site.
NoClanFrank    Posted 17th Feb 2006 12:49am
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I still trust an FTP program over Internet Explorer.
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