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Dark Jon   Posted 9th Feb 2006 11:45pm
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Yeah..I know i havn't been around in a while, but look! Window's newest OS Vista!

Oh yeah and Halo 2 has finally been anounced for pc


Edit: Oh yeah and please dont yell at me if this has already been posted.
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Assaultman67    Posted 10th Feb 2006 12:15am
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is it just me or am i the only one who cannot think of an advantage of having rotateable windows for programs ... BTW Windows vista is a stupid name (i think anyways).
LordSeafood   Posted 10th Feb 2006 12:27am
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i think the rotatable windows will only be good if you can somehow rotate them 90 degrees in one go ... kinda like tabbed browsing ... but with windows
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Garner    Posted 10th Feb 2006 12:39am
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I read an article on the desktop being 3D like this a few years back, probably around the time of XP's release saying its supposed to be quite nice as your brain can interpret things in 3D space quicker than 2D. Where the windows are located etc etc...

Pretty pointless if you ask me. Its all displayed on a 2D screen.

Its a nice shiny gimmick.

Lets face it... the reason Halo 2 for the PC is being restricted to Vista is because XP would otherwise be a perfect platform to play games etc on for years to come. The jumps in technology between 95, 98 and 2k that meant it was best to upgrade are not so prevalent anymore.

XP after all is basically just a prettified version of Windows 2k.

The only way MS is going to get people to want to upgrade to Vista from XP is to pretty much force them to. I'm happy with XP. All the games I've got run on it. I've got all the programs I need running on it. It supports all the current technology. Why bother spending a stupidly large amount of money on a new version of an OS that I've already got and happily running everything on when I spent a stupidly large amount of money on this version only 4-5 years or so ago?

Its the same with graphics cards. Each year the card companies have a new card with usually around double the power of the previous years graphics cards. Trouble is as a typical game can take 2 or even 3 years to develop, you're often hard pressed to find more than a couple of games that trouble last years cards... as a general rule a graphics card will last 3-4 years before it runs into serious trouble running games. The exceptions usually being as a result of a new DX version. NVidia/ATI are no doubt rubbing their hands in glee at the DX10 in Vista and the subsequent DX10 games that will require DX10 cards in order to take full advantage of the games effects etc.

As with anything new... never buy it near to its release. Wait for the idiots to rush out and buy it and let them find the driver problems, graphics card incompatibilities etc. After 2-3 months you'll at least have an idea of how the new OS is running for most people and Google will probably be filled with people trying to get piece of hardware X running under it that you can just read rather than pull your hair out over...
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goober   Posted 10th Feb 2006 12:40am
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YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Theres going to be a level editor for Halo2! im going to suggest it for a new section..
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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mad_ferrit   Posted 10th Feb 2006 1:08am
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Quoting Garner
The jumps in technology between 95, 98 and 2k that meant it was best to upgrade are not so prevalent anymore.

XP after all is basically just a prettified version of Windows 2k.

Agreed, XP is just cartoon windws with a ton of pretty useless Wizards... all we ask for is more stability... oh and do away with the need to restart windows if you so much as change the brightness

That 3d nonesense is well... nonesense
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Molodiets   Posted 10th Feb 2006 1:23am
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looks cool. I'm gonna rush out and buy it.

Dark Jon is still staff?

Dark Jon   Posted 10th Feb 2006 1:29am
L4Y Member
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Hopefully this wont make my computer slow down because I have a habit of opening 20+ windows at the same time.
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Assaultman67    Posted 10th Feb 2006 2:23am
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same here ... especially when you have 2 monitors full of windows ... i think this 3D crud would slow it down considerably ... ... i bet its as stable as a rock (balanced on a needle) ...
cyrus5   Posted 10th Feb 2006 2:37pm
[CP] Director
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Infact its the opposite, using the 3d pipeline for gdi work is a considerable speed up! 2D portions of chips dont get so much focus as the 3d pipeline and he 2D api layer of windows, while being pretty optimised is still a relatively slow beastie, when they introduced alpha compositing to the gdi in win2k (for transparent windows, dropshadows, pretty antialiased winamp windows) they should have just upgraded the gdi then.

And while its not busy you can run pixel shader effects on the title bars like the Aero Glass theme!
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