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goober   Posted 9th Feb 2006 8:08pm
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I just want to know what the majority of people trust...
My most trusted OS would have to be Knoppix 4.0..
i do however like MS DOS 5.0.
Whats yours?
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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DVL_IAC   Posted 9th Feb 2006 8:17pm
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Windows XP
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goober   Posted 9th Feb 2006 8:19pm
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oh good god...

I map stuff. Sometimes.
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sobe    Posted 9th Feb 2006 10:46pm
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Hmmm.... Probably Unix, or maybe even Linux Red Hat.

However, I do like FreeBSD.
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Garner    Posted 9th Feb 2006 11:39pm
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Like Windows is often called Windoze... Red Hat is often referred to as Dead Rat

Most people use Windows because of the very simple fact that every program you want to run is available on it. Other OS's tend to be more selective... especially in the gaming department. Trouble is with Windows, the 'every program' part of my above statement includes viruses

My PC runs XP purely because I play games. I do not trust it however

Linux you can trust. Whatever distro you like...
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goober   Posted 9th Feb 2006 11:41pm
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Exactally, im thinking of getting a Laptop, if i do it will be running Knoppix, which is a "version" Of Linux
acually, ill probably be running a customized Linux OS...
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Assaultman67    Posted 10th Feb 2006 12:10am
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i prefer windows XP ... but i won't trust anything unless i know it's a clean OS on a stable PC. ive tried all the Mac OS from 7.0 to X and i have tried windows 95, 98, ME, XP.

Linux is safe from regular viruses ... its not too rare yet its still have the "security by obscurity" factor but ... i still haven't ever tried linux out ... my dad says its good ... i have a parition of my 500GB raid set up ... just haven't got around to trying it out .
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cyrus5   Posted 10th Feb 2006 2:51pm
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I just loved Windows Me! The fact they accidently gave it the same name as a medical condition that my mother has would explain the OS's general level of 'responsiveness'!


ME, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,
or more frequently known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

A disorder affecting the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems and the muscles. Its major symptom is fatigue to the point of extended periods of severe exhaustion.
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SkipRat    Posted 10th Feb 2006 4:29pm
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I use XP. meh its just easyer and everything works on it.
redfac18   Posted 10th Feb 2006 4:48pm
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WineHQ is growing to support more windows applications everyday. One day we may just be able to kick the windows habbit.
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