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mad_ferrit   Posted 7th Feb 2006 10:42am
L4Y Member
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Does anyone know of a website where I can send free Worldwide SMS messages?

I don't want either myself or the recipient to receive millions of adverts or cold-call sellling as a result either, just a simple free service that will work globally - places like Vietnam, Venezuela, Zimbabwe all need to be included in this.

Beatonator    Posted 7th Feb 2006 2:51pm
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I would like to know of such a service as well, but I dont think it exists sadly, the only one I know of I aint trying as I know, it spams up email boxes.
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SkipRat    Posted 7th Feb 2006 10:58pm
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well DONT MOAN. I dont know of a international one. But i always use when i cant be arsed to go get my phone

But its only for English numbers man.
mad_ferrit   Posted 8th Feb 2006 3:45pm
L4Y Member
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Hmmm OK skippers cheers...

The thing is I have friends in the afforementionned countries who I was at Uni with, and due to the political nature of these countries they don't allow text messages to be received from abroad, but you can get around it on t'internet.

I wanted a free service which wont spam us all day long!
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cyrus5   Posted 8th Feb 2006 4:41pm
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Are there any such sites hosted in Vietnam/Venezuela/zimbabwe? could you use them to send txt messages? maybe they have already tried that, i suppose it would be an obvious thing to block if they are that bothered.
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tagmaster   Posted 8th Feb 2006 6:38pm
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For Venezuela theres one, Movilnet
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Molodiets   Posted 8th Feb 2006 7:18pm
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Look at google ad up your screen.
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