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SKA-Diesel   Posted 5th Feb 2006 1:29pm
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Woo Hoo people, I passed my test on Friday morning (3rd Feb), and Im lovin it. Drove to the cinema, work, everywhere... scarily I even offered to go shopping for my mum just so I could drive..

Anyway, Im looking for some ideas for a music compliation or 2 for the car. So heres the question:

Does anyone have any favourite cruisin tunes?
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mad_ferrit   Posted 5th Feb 2006 2:32pm
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OMG they let you on the road?!! Nah, Congratulations mate!!!

Get anything by Paul Weller

Just get his Modern Classics album, that should see ya right
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goober   Posted 5th Feb 2006 9:09pm
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Anything by Pink Floyd... Immagrant song by led zepplin, when i come around by greenday...
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HitPerson   Posted 6th Feb 2006 12:44am
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Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest
Wheels of Fire - Manowar

You get the idea .
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Molodiets   Posted 6th Feb 2006 12:57am
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Quoting HitPerson
Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest
Wheels of Fire - Manowar

You get the idea .

We were asked tunes for driving, not for running over every pedestrian walking along the streets.
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 6th Feb 2006 2:03am
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Old school Green Day, and some other stuff I cant think of....
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SKA-Diesel   Posted 6th Feb 2006 8:24am
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Thanks for the suggestiongs guys.

Im gonna order that Paul Weller album off amazon.

I was half expecting someone to mention "Born to be Wild"...

Hey Ferrit, I might have to make a road trip down to Wales sometime. Should I bring a shotgun?

Pickles   Posted 7th Feb 2006 12:21am
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If you ever go on a road trip anywhere an hour or longer away, I highly recommend taking Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication - Simply the best and most tested road trip CD I've ever owned. They even have a song called Road Trippin'... you can rock out to it which is great to take your mind of the boring drive, and its pretty calm music all the same so you don't get all pissed at the other idiots driving.
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