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RED-FROG   Posted 2nd Feb 2006 11:02pm
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I noticed that when some1 shoots shock cores on you, you can reflect them with the shield gun. (I know thats not new)
So I planned to create a weapon that includes both characteristics, the shield and the shock core projectile - "A shieldgun that can shoot shock cores and reflect them by activating the shield with alt fire." So you can do both things at once without switching weapons.

It all works fine, but the bots don't know how to use the gun.
Now the cool thing is that is it possible to create a map that includes this special weapon and nothing else.. like a baton or rail only map in RF. This could make some funny challenges. Perhaps I can figure it out, I'll search for some people with scripting experience.
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KillAllHumans   Posted 3rd Feb 2006 7:26am
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Ai scripting is very hard. maybe if you ask 3dbuzz he miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight help you. i wouldnt get your hopes up
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