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Assaultman67    Posted 2nd Feb 2006 3:02am
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Quoting redfac18
FYI- one of the first napalms was made by the greeks called greek fire to burn down enemy ships.

well, not the napalm we use today ... theirs was like cloth and grease on a stick. the naplam we use today was invented by the same person who invented the bat bomb ... apparently during WW2, a guy tried to make bats carry inciernary devices to deliver to the japanese paper-like houses, it activated by being dropped from a plane, a parashoot would open exposing the trays of bats from the sleeve of the tube, and as the bats would take off and pull a string loose from the bomb they carry, causing it to activate, then the bats would camp out in the buildings and POOF ... up in flames ... just think homing napalm. (you guys probably won't belive me.) they didn't deploy it though, by the time the guy got done, they had the A-bomb made by then, and didn't need stupid bats.
Quoting CommanderViper
Napalm is essentially petrol gasoline in a gel form. The only thing that makes it different from conventional petrol is the fact that it sticks to surfaces easily, making it much more effective for bombs and such. Also, it burns much slower, so that adds to the effectivness.

yeah, i knew that ... but i left that part out so no one will try making it. (hence why i said, napalm causes cancer,because, gasoline causes cancer ...)
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Beatonator    Posted 2nd Feb 2006 9:06am
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Heh, shockingly enough a magazine over here in the UK listed how to make Napalm. It was ina "lads" magazine (FHM) and it had a little diary for the year (i brought it for the Calander (which reminds me I need to buy a new one)) and the book had interesting facts like: "8 People will die from A bus falling over while parked. it had some really weird facts. also included the "how to:" of making Napalm

Should have been called "How to stop that annoying cat problem:"
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Predalienator_   Posted 2nd Feb 2006 11:09am
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Quoting sobe
Those Muto-Flakes are something to be proud of for Capek! lol

And you get a free mutant! Always wanted one
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