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redfac18   Posted 1st Feb 2006 5:33am
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I started max modeling and made a walther ppk, here is is:
pretty good for my second model huh?
anyway I am having problems with texturing as seen here in my final render:

can anyone help me with this or point me to a link to help? Thanks
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D2k   Posted 1st Feb 2006 9:15pm
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From the looks of the model itself it appears to be just a outline of a gun with a nice texture on it... i recommend for modeling techniques and tutorials. its fun and free. what are you waiting for go NOW!

I assume you used the UWV unwrap modifier on the mesh to make that face textured... there is a spiffy button on that modifier panel that is called 'planar map' this basically gets the group of polygons and faces you selected and flattens them out on a 2d plane. i suggest never selecting any polygons that potentially over / underlap eachother from a local axis or grouped normal.

anaways, when you are texturing a mesh think of it as turning the mesh into a real object you can hold. Stay with me now and listen to this.

Think of this mesh as an actual object you can hold. Every polygon on this object you can take off and lay down on the table. Now think of the pieces on the table as UV coordinates for this mesh. When you are texturing a 3d object it is nothing more than getting a 3d object and laying its pieces down on a 2d plane.

so in sum to fix your problem. try selecting the polygons on the back part of the handle, pressing planar map ad move te UV's where they belong.
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SKA-Diesel   Posted 1st Feb 2006 9:55pm
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And if you think Unwrapping a weapon model is hard... wait till you try unwrapping your own characters...
D2k   Posted 2nd Feb 2006 9:06pm
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Yes. Unwrapping a full 3d character model is no picnic. You are sopposto unwrap all the model's UV's and then go to photoshop and paint the skin over the UV's yourself if you are making the skin from scratch.

There are no tutorials on 3dbuzz i dont think go over how to make skins and gaming texures within photoshop but there is one that goes through a real world texuring technique that was used in ut99 for a weapon. they probably use better techniques now...
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redfac18   Posted 3rd Feb 2006 3:47am
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Wow that sounds like alot of work for just a model.

I think I will stay to crappy low poly models for RF.
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