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mrmitchell   Posted 30th Jan 2006 10:45pm
L4Y Member
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A bunch of those tests where you have to group basic good and basic bad things together really quick and they tell you if you're a racist.

On the Race Test I got:
Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between White American and Black American.
Kiliad   Posted 30th Jan 2006 11:15pm
L4Y Member
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Hmmmm I saw the words "this part of the test will take about 5 minutes" and gave up LOL.

Those kinds of tests worry me. Its like testing IQ. Some things just can't be represented in a form that can be used to compare individuals. Plus I wonder how a persons emotional state would affect that white/black test. What if you were really worried it might say you were racist even though you weren't. Your fear might influence your reaction to questions. If you were in some kind of job interview and they made you take that test, I'm sure some people would be fairly worried.
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Beatonator    Posted 31st Jan 2006 9:12am
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HAHA, Short Attention Span Kiliad?

I did think that though, it would be better to administer the test without explaining what its for, Also maybe don't give a time limit just tell the person the sooner he completes it the sooner he gets a huge Wad of Cash (of course im lying)

Can't be arsed to take it, Maybe when I have finished wasting my time on the forums and PC.
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Kiliad   Posted 31st Jan 2006 9:48am
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Maybe L4Y should have some personality tests. Any psych students on site? Noooo I said psych as in psychology not psycho LOL.

We could test our HQ... Hoser Quotient lol.
"The pen is mightier than the sword.. and considerably easier to write with." - Groucho Marx    
mrmitchell   Posted 31st Jan 2006 1:43pm
L4Y Member
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Fear is a valid concern Kiliad, but Beatonator, the test is pretty hard to cheat on, you have to do the sorting on each individual thing ASAP (I think I spent about a second on each item before sorting it to wherever it went).

The time limit is to keep the test accurate, if you could spend 40 minutes on one question it wouldn't be "implicit association".

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