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Kiliad   Posted 30th Jan 2006 9:36am
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Hello boys and girls.
I'm in need of some weapon pics for a little project I'm working on.
You can see it at COBALT
Its just something I've been doing to kill boredom and also to politely thumb my nose and game makers in general lol. Plus I needed some practice with some new graphics software... but anyway.. I need some nice pics for the weapons page to replace the blank gun. You'll see each weapon description and it might help you come up with a good design.

[edit]BTW, read the "About Cobalt" section. The game doesn't exist and I won't be making it LOL. Its just for show.
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ExoStatic   Posted 30th Jan 2006 4:11pm
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Lol that looks great, that's some damn good ideas. Submit it to a proper game company
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Ghostkid   Posted 30th Jan 2006 4:24pm
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Mostertman    Posted 30th Jan 2006 4:54pm
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What do you exactly want to have?
you want just pictures found on the internet, or do you want us to draw some concept art with a design program or some sketches on paper, or something made in a 3D program?

Tell me what you want And i might be able to help you.
mad_ferrit   Posted 30th Jan 2006 5:16pm
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I don't see the point Kiliad Almost all of your ideas are already in past and present FPS's and why spend so much time on something like this just to showcase what would probably be discussed at a preliminary game-development meeting?

I dunno man... I just don't quite get what you're trying to achieve here
Kiliad   Posted 30th Jan 2006 10:57pm
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Mostertman - concept art would be good, but an actual 3D rendering is what I'm after.

mad_ferrit - LOL don't worry man. Its just something to keep myself amused. It came out of a discussion some time ago about what RF3 would or should be like. From suggestions made here and at RedTech, I put it all together as an imaginary game. Yes, I know a lot of the ideas are already in some fps games but they are not all in the one game.

I'm not taking this serious or anything so don't panic
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Beatonator    Posted 31st Jan 2006 9:18am
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Heh, K you forgot one more thing I noticed option to have Vehicles.
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Kiliad   Posted 31st Jan 2006 9:41am
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LOL Beat.
I hadn't forgotten. I just haven't had a chance to put those in yet.... and that's another thing I'll be needing pics for.
The problem with vehicles is always that they move a lot faster than players and tend to increase lag issues. Cobalt is supposed to avoid that kind of thing but I'll put some in. Although it could have slow-mobiles like in Futurama LOL.

Man! This is turning into far more than I intended lol.
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redfac18   Posted 1st Feb 2006 6:24am
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you could turn it into something serious by putting it out there and making it an open source game.

Also you can see my walther ppk here
it still has texture problems though
I was originally going to get someone to help me put it in RF as a client side mod for multi since it only has 807 faces that is key for RF and a free/low lag MP game.
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Kiliad   Posted 1st Feb 2006 10:12pm
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redfac18 - Thanks for that. I'll use that pic with a slight modification.
For the other weapons I'd like pics from different angles but for the pistols its not that important.
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redfac18   Posted 2nd Feb 2006 12:55am
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glad you like it HERE is the max and texture in a zip
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