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HitPerson   Posted 26th Jan 2006 4:44pm
L4Y Member
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Because of this, nobody will want to buy games. If nobody buys games, the market will crash and we will have to resort to going outside to play or even *gasps* reading a book!
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modmaker91   Posted 26th Jan 2006 4:55pm
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My parents would never let me go there because of them. So Hooray for E3!
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The_Doc   Posted 26th Jan 2006 5:39pm
Stargate Worlds
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Too be honest, i never really saw the point in them... You go to E3 to see what new games and consoles are being released, not to stand and stare at hlaf-naked women (both of which are good things )

You'd be trying out a new game and suddenly a double D pops in your face and you fail the game Hmph... anyway, yes bad idea... bad
sobe    Posted 27th Jan 2006 1:39am
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I wouldn't mind a nice pair of "jublies" jumping in front of me while playing a game! lol

I think it's just for publicity... Damn news! lol, what ever happenned to Bill Clinton when you need him
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