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Mostertman    Posted 24th Jan 2006 4:30pm
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I wonder what he has done?

The_Doc   Posted 24th Jan 2006 6:14pm
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Cycling without a permit
goober   Posted 24th Jan 2006 6:38pm
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He may be charged for "3 year old standing up next to a bike with a bookbag on, and no helmet, standing in front of us making us look bad"

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SkipRat    Posted 24th Jan 2006 6:47pm
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I dont want to say the obvious one. plus im not rasist.

But i rekon its coz his black. Look at all those white policeman

There like "riding without a licence thats a fellony, no helmet, thats a felony *smashes back light* No reflector on the back, thats a felony, *plants drugs* plus u got a CENSORED load of crack on you boy, thats definatly a felony"
plus from the looks of it he doesnt have a bike seat.

"riding a bike with the pole going up your arse, thats a fellony"

Ahem anyway...
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Molodiets   Posted 24th Jan 2006 7:10pm
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It's written CRS on their uniform. It means they are french cops( most probably in Paris).

I suppose he is a young black boy who stole a bike and was preparing for a riot in la banlieue.
SkipRat    Posted 24th Jan 2006 7:15pm
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heh good ol french riots
Beatonator    Posted 25th Jan 2006 8:50am
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what are you guys on about? they are the Micheal Jackson hit squad, they search for his victims.
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Mostertman    Posted 25th Jan 2006 10:05am
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Quoting SkipRat
plus from the looks of it he doesnt have a bike seat.

I didn't even notice that at first.

that is kinda strange
SkipRat    Posted 25th Jan 2006 12:20pm
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heh yeah being stoned all the time makes you perceptive
SKA-Diesel   Posted 25th Jan 2006 1:13pm
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Quoting skiprat
heh yeah being stoned all the time makes you perceptive


you only noticed it cos thats the way you ride your bike too
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modmaker91   Posted 25th Jan 2006 2:56pm
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Run monkey, run! it's the Micheal Jackson squad!

What does Micheal Jackson like about twenty-eight year olds...
There are 20 of them...
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ergeben   Posted 25th Jan 2006 4:13pm
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Good one dude!
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