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Terminator20   Posted 24th Jan 2006 4:27pm
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I got one of these yesterday. Its a pocket size wind up radio and light! The radio gets good reception and the antenna can be pushed back inside the unit to make it almost invisible! It has a built in LED Light; you can chose to light only one LED or all three for a very bright flashlight!

Back in 1996 our family bought one of the first large, bulky and heavy wind up radios that came with a detachable led light. They were loud to crank up and the detachable led light was ok but not impressive. These ones today are quiet to crank up, awesome LED light, and they fit in your pocket how cool is that?

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SkipRat    Posted 24th Jan 2006 6:44pm
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That light looks proper bright. i remember those massive see thru plastic ones when they first come out.
HitPerson   Posted 25th Jan 2006 3:39am
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I have one of the old crank-up flashlight/radios siiting on my shelf right now, in fact i'm staring at it.

It sucks.
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NoClanFrank    Posted 25th Jan 2006 5:46am
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I saw what looks to be the very same one on sale at FRYS electronics and almost bought one. It's really a good thing to have, especially in the car. You never know when you might need that emergency light.
I carry a MagĀ®Lite flash light right now.
As you all well know. With the heat, the batteries will tend to die on you. Probably when you need it most. Which is why I like the flash light that you bought. It still has a battery that can get damage with the heat but at least if that fails you can crank away to keep the light one. Well that's what I think.
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modmaker91   Posted 25th Jan 2006 4:42pm
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My dad just got one of those, it barely works. The batteries must be dead because for the light to stay on you need to keep cranking it.
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