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HitPerson   Posted 25th Jan 2006 3:32am
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Wake up...with the King!
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NoClanFrank    Posted 25th Jan 2006 5:35am
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That guy reminds me of myself. If anybody has ever heard me in Team Speak you would know I am probably not lying. The major difference is that I won't answer the phone. That's what voice mail is for.
I think that dude needs some help. It's obvious that he isn't that good. Maybe somebody can give him a few pointers. Not the kind of pointers that he directed toward the TV. Those type of pointers are more useful in "Los Angeles Traffic Jams".
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Kiliad   Posted 25th Jan 2006 6:13am
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Ahhh the joys of forum rantings. How I've missed this! LOL
Hello boys and girls. For those that knew me in the past and haven't blocked the memory... GREETINGS!!!!

I see the old "violence in video games" arguement hasn't been settled. Surprising that! lol

Well I personally think that certain people are inclined to be affected by them due to their psychological makeup or medical condition. A guy I know has a daughter that used to play an online RPG game constantly. She had a psychotic episode and actally thought she was the character she played in the game. It might sound funny but it was actually pretty scary. That said, even completely healthy people can be effected by repeated exposure to an ideal or suggestion. What is brain washing afterall? Just think how long some people sit in front of their PC or console playing games. And why do many of them do it? Because they want to escape from real life and that desire (in some people) can lead them to start believing they really are in the game. How many people here would like to actually go into a game? Come on now, be honest lol. Oddly enough, some people would say they'd rather be a character in a game than deal with real life responsibilities. Fighting bikini clad zombie vampire cyborgs in a post apocalyptic wasteland can seem more desirable than studying for exams, dealing with family problems or any number of other issues they might be facing. Ooooh but what if it really happened and you ended up in the game? It wouldn't take long before the running and screaming and soiling of underwear started and you'd be wanted out again. Ok, I think I got carried away there a bit so in closing I'll just say... AHHH THE ZOMBIES ARE HERE!!!
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133   Posted 25th Jan 2006 6:40am
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What RPG was it?
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Kiliad   Posted 25th Jan 2006 7:02am
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Not really sure but it was full of knights, princesses and the odd dragon. The girl thought she was a knight. Took her a couple of months to come out of it.
"The pen is mightier than the sword.. and considerably easier to write with." - Groucho Marx    
Johnny_Suave   Posted 25th Jan 2006 8:36am
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It's Kiliad!
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DVL_IAC   Posted 25th Jan 2006 3:20pm
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Kiliad's Back!
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