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redfac18   Posted 15th Jan 2006 3:46am
L4Y Member
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I was wandering if their was a way to have more reticles than the default, sniper, and rocket. like have a differant reticle for the shotgun than the pistol or rail or something like that.

EDIT: please move to RF, Oops sorry
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 15th Jan 2006 4:05am
L4Y Member
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there are several dls for reticles in the dl section...not many but there there
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redfac18   Posted 15th Jan 2006 5:06am
L4Y Member
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NM, I got it to work.

you can close this thread now.
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L4Y   Posted 15th Jan 2006 5:45am
L4Y Member

This topic was closed because...

For reasons mentioned above.

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