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The_Doc   Posted 10th Jan 2006 9:56pm
Stargate Worlds
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Hey guys,

My friend is looking into buying a laptop, and has found one that he likes. The only problem is that it has a DirectX 8 card, and i was wondering if it is possible to play DirectX 9 games on it. Sorry to sound like an idiot, but i'm not that good with graphics cards.


P.S the link to the laptop is HERE
DG    Posted 11th Jan 2006 12:41am
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I have a dx8 card, it's no problem playing dx9 games, as most hardware dx9 features are usually a plus in the game.
Though I don't think it will be strange to expect that graphics cards have to support dx9 or higher for games in the next two years or so.

So don't expect graphical beauty with a dx8.0 card (don't expect much from that integrated card either ), but it WILL work with 99% games up until now.
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LordSeafood   Posted 11th Jan 2006 4:20am
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yes dx8 cards will run dx9 games, it just disables some of the dx9 effects and quality
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