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ExoStatic   Posted 9th Jan 2006 2:17am
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Well I re-formatted my PC for Christmas, but forgot that I had lent the RF CD's to my friend. I rang him up a few days ago and found out that he'd lost them. So now, what am I to do? I'm without RF...

I wanna get back into the editing scene.. I kinda miss it, plus I need to work on StreetWars.. CENSORED
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sypher   Posted 9th Jan 2006 2:28am
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ow i hate it when u lend someone something and u need it back and they have lost it =( it happond to me once lol if your willing to buy it i can help there lol ow hmm i could lend u it coz i got a no cd crack if i knew your post code and all or u can buy online here
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goober   Posted 9th Jan 2006 3:08am
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lending something over mail isnt a good idea though...
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sypher   Posted 9th Jan 2006 3:41am
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yea what i ment was ill post it him/her if he/her whats to? just tell me your post stuff and dont worry im only 11 im not gonna tell any body
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 Genxer    Posted 9th Jan 2006 3:44am
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Read the forum rules again sypher - "no cd crack " That kind of talk is illegal and will not be tolerated.

And your only 11 you say, I hope you didnt just click the "I am over 13 yrs old" button without getting your parents permission.

If you want to dicuss this topic then do it away from this site.
L4Y   Posted 9th Jan 2006 3:46am
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This topic was closed because...

Read the rules again.

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