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cippyboy   Posted 7th Jan 2006 10:45pm
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Did you ever made money from advertising ? if so, then with what company ?
I own a personal site related to game development at
with Google ads. Today I made my first dolar, yey !
SkipRat    Posted 7th Jan 2006 11:37pm
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ur not allowed to talk about it

I swear google adds dont like u doing it unless its ur own domain either. isnt yours a free site?

I aint moaning im just wondering.

You seriously are not allowed to talk openly on sites/forums about google adds though... i got them on my site.
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Garner    Posted 7th Jan 2006 11:52pm
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Google ads are something they dont like you talking about because it can artifically inflate the clicks. Which is a bad thing because its fraud, pretty much like the rates Google pay to webmasters that host their ads - its daylight robbery

Same goes for the comment on your news page. If Google see that you can probably kiss goodbye to anything you've earned. Especially if it was you that did the clicking.

Closing this topic now.
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L4Y   Posted 7th Jan 2006 11:53pm
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