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Vidi44   Posted 7th Jan 2006 1:52am
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Read that, and apply a patch from here:

Microsoft has not loaded this patch on their Automatic Update site! Although it would be wise to run through the AU process, this patch will not appear in the list.

Yes, I am serious about this, the officials at CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) would not lie about something this threatening. There is a vulnerability in the Windows Metafile system (most notably the Graphics Rendering Engine) that can allow a hacker to enter you computer without your knowledge. The file is only roughly 800k and can save you a lot of trouble .

Most likely, MS didn't post this on the AU site because they're currently spending all their energy on a Sober patch (yes, I realize that the Sober update thing was to happen yesterday, though MS is still trying to patch it (should I laugh? This is our comp's security here and MS is fairly incompetant at fighting this dangerous worm. That, and this recent "let's hide the patch" stuff makes me wonder a lot about MS, more than usual)).

Apply the patch and be saved!
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Lace    Posted 7th Jan 2006 5:13am
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Microsoft sent the patch out the night between thursday and friday on the autoupdater.
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