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SKA-Diesel   Posted 8th Jan 2006 8:44pm
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Paul Anderson has had a rocky carreer, he is certainly not a "great director". Event Horizon is probably the best movie he's made.. and Alien VS Predator the worst.... Resident Evil was pretty cool too.

Halo I think will be a bit crap. Microsoft are trying to take control of the production, I doubt they will get a well known director to work for them.
DoomDaddy84   Posted 9th Jan 2006 2:38am
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Some games I would like to see made into movies:Half-Life1&2, Duke Nukem3d, Blood1&2, ShadowWarrior, Return To Castle Wolfenstien, Grand Theft Auto(ViceCity,SanAndreas,LibertyCityStories, Diakatana(mabee a better movie than game!), AquaNox, Deus Ex1&2, SystemShock1&2, Fear, Unreal 1&2, Pariah, Area51, Rainbow6(3)RavenShield, CliveBarker's Undying, Codename Eagle, Hitman1,2&3, Descent1,2&3, Tex Murphy Under A Killing Moon, Fantasmagoria, Nocturne, Mortyr, ShadowMan, Outcats, Disruptor(PlayStation1), Tom Clancy's SplinterCell, Thief: Dark Shadows, Wheel Of Time, Marathon2: Durandal, Devil May Cry, Strife, Powerslave, Carmageddon1,2&3, Heretic/Hexen, Manhunt, Deus Ex Machina(OLD, OLD GAME), Onimusha, Samuria Showdown(NeoGeo), Redneck Rampage, Turok1,2&3, KingPin:Life Of Crime, Requiem:Avenging Angel, Sin, Terminal Velocity, Napalm, and TekWar. Yeah I know TekWar is a movie/T.V. show already but I have such bad taste in movies that I want another one! I still hated House Of The Stupid Dead movie.
Duke    Posted 9th Jan 2006 3:03am
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Devil May Cry is in pre-production apparently.

There WAS going to be a Duke Nukem movie, but right now it's MIA.
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DoomDaddy84   Posted 9th Jan 2006 3:12am
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MIA huh? Like Duke Nukem Forever, That really pisses me off, it looked so good when they had the newest demonstration movie at E3. Why did they scrap it? I don't even know why, I deserve that don't I. Even if it wasn't going to be as good as DooM3 or Half-Life2 I still wanted to play it, they just put it down like a racehorse with a needle in its foot, my god just take the needle out! AGGGGHHHHHHGGG!
Now I really will have to wait literally forever to play it!

Oh yea another game\movie translation I would like to see is Rise Of The Triad, another great 3D Realms game, mabee even Blake Stone.
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sobe    Posted 9th Jan 2006 6:36am
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Rise of the Triad was an excellent game for it's time.

And about the Halo movie:
Halo movie details on

Alex Garland was paid $1 million by Microsoft to write an adaptation of the popular game.


And I can't find even pre-production notes on that Devil May Cry, so please get use a link if you say it's in pre-production.
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DoomDaddy84   Posted 9th Jan 2006 8:08am
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I read the Halo movie thing, sounds like it will be good. I also went to the 3DRealms site and viewed the forums and things. They claim to still be working on it but I don't know, their FAQ for Duke Nukem Forever is from early 2005. I hope(probably in vain)that they finish it.
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